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Unleash your dog’s potential with professional dog training based in Greenville, SC. Customized coaching, real-world excursions, and lifetime support ensure a strong human-canine bond. We also serve Charleston, SC as well as surrounding areas. 

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Dog Boarding School

Board and Train

Our dog training speciality is a comprehensive three week board and train program. Your dog will stay with us, on our private 30 acre property, for the duration of the program. We set a solid on and off-leash obedience foundation geared toward ensuring clear communication between you and your dog at home as well as in public. We teach sit, down, come, heel, place and kennel. We can address common behavioral issues such as pulling on the leash, barking/lunging at other dogs or people on walks, jumping up, etc. We include a leash, place bed, e collar, long line and, most importantly, extensive coaching at the completion of the three weeks. We offer lifetime support to all of our clients and love getting updates!

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Meet the Team

Carolina Canine Consulting was founded by two passionate dog-training experts, Patrick Salerno and Rebekah Croft. With over 30 years of combined experience, they craft a perfect training program where science and art meet, ensuring proven results-driven training for you and your dog.

Elfi SwalesElfi Swales
21:42 20 Oct 23
Our Labradoodle Lucy had her first training with Patrick and Rebekah at age 6 months. She transformed from a wild “farmgirl” to a very manageable and responsive family pet. Now ,one year later, it was time to take the next step .She spend one week of a refresher course at CCC. I was nearly sure that Patrick and his team had “switched dog” on us. Lucy heels, sits and can walk of leash . For us, being in our 70’s , it is important not to be pulled or even worse being tripped by her.We highly recommend CCC . Patrick and Rebekah train with positive reinforcement and teach the dog owner how to continue this training.
thomas murphythomas murphy
00:55 04 Oct 23
Our family could not be more impressed by Patrick and Rebekha’s loving training of our Rottweiler rescue! The remain invested even after completion of the training program. Both are very knowledgeable about dog psychology and owner education. We recommend without reservation!
Paige EmkePaige Emke
21:17 04 Sep 23
Patrick & Rebekah are friendly, supportive, and so knowledgeable! Zuki is our energetic, smart, and very stubborn puppy. We are immensely happy we did the 3 week program because it changed our lives by increasing the communication between Zuki and us! It was tough being apart that long but we knew Zuki was in good hands and we got daily videos to see Zuki’s progress.Our jaws dropped when we were heeling with Zuki for the first time, barely had to hold the leash. His obedience and drive to train is amazing! We feel confident to explore with Zuki at the beach, stores, and parks! We didn’t realize how much coaching and help we needed to help Zuki thrive and succeed until we met Patrick.We highly recommend Carolina Canine Consulting because of the incredible communication, coaching strategies, positive environment, and honest feedback they have given us!!!
nathanial welshnathanial welsh
22:37 29 Aug 23
This has been an amazing experience! Our dog has learned a multitude of good behaviors and discipline. Now we can bring her out in public or have people over at our house without fearing she might nip at someone and bark uncontrollably. In person lessons have allowed me to bond with my pup better and establish a healthy relationship. Cannot recommend them enough!
Stefany HugueninStefany Huguenin
21:21 29 Aug 23
Simply the best! Our dog stayed and did the 3 week boarding/training. I loved being updated regularly on how she was doing and watching her videos. Patrick and Rebekah are so kind and thorough in the work they provide for not only your dog but you as an owner too! They check in regularly to see how your dog is doing and still provide great advice for the best results in your pup. Best decision we have made for our girl. She’s been doing amazing and I can’t wait to continue our journey with Carolina Canine Consulting!
01:51 16 Aug 23
When I got my Blue Heeler Roo last year I knew I would need training and exercise for her as we do not live out on a farm. I reached out to Carolina Canine Consulting and Roo completed the 3 weeks Board and Train program. I loved how I got photo and video updates throughout!When Roo came back Patrick showed me how to continue Roo’s training. Patrick and Rebecca also reach out for meet ups occasionally and are available by phone if I have any questions.It is much easier to take Roo everywhere now since she walks easily on the leash. Through hard work, (it’s important to put in the time and effort to keep progressing and not backsliding!) Roo is to the point now where she can go off leash and has great recall.Thank you Carolina Canine Consulting for helping it changed everything!!!
Eileen AbercrombieEileen Abercrombie
17:09 15 Jun 23
OMGOSH!!!! Patrick and his team at Carolina Canine Consulting are THE BEST trainers you could ever hope for!!!! If you want an outstanding well trained dog, look no further!!!! Patrick and his team are there for you, the owner, every step of the way because you need to be trained as well!! I honestly don't know where he finds the time or the patience, but he NEVER gets upset with you or your dog.That's my handsome boy Jax and me at Legacy Park on 6/13/23 training with Patrick. GREAT day!!!!
Jan DavisJan Davis
18:03 25 Mar 23
My 2 sons came across a pair of sister puppies that were being given away at a Flea Market. Not knowing much about them, my sons decided to bring the puppies home. They had no idea what they were in for as the girls were very wild and unruly all the while refusing to learn basic commands. We found Carolina Canine Consulting, discussed the situation with Patrick, the trainer, and he offered to take them both and work with them together.  After training, the girls came back still full of puppy ignited energy, but also as command trained, fun loving dogs. Patrick is completely invested in these dogs and he doesn’t stop just because they came home. We have met multiple times in outdoor settings with him, his wife, his dogs, other dogs, and our pups. We can take them everywhere now including outdoor restaurants where they enjoy staying in “place” while people watching. They listen, obey, and are friendly with other dogs and people. The training from Carolina Canine Consulting exceeded our expectations and made it possible for us to ensure the sisters would be able to stay together and let them live their best life possible!
How our process works

Start Building a Stronger Bond

Step 1
Fill out our evaluation form

We will review the details provided about your dog and goals and determine if your dog is a good candidate for our program. We will then reach out to you via email, text or phone call. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please call or text 864-432-0301 to confirm we have received the evaluation form. 

Step 2
Submit the deposit

Once determined that your dog is an appropriate fit for our program, submit the non-refundable $500 training deposit via Venmo , Zelle or check. Your dog will be added to our dog training schedule once the deposit is received. You will be sent a Google calendar invite. 

The total cost of the program is $3500. We offer a $500 discount off of additional dogs being enrolled at the same time.

We will contact you prior to the start date to arrange a pick up time. Please have three weeks worth of food, any medications, as well as the remaining payment ready on the day of pick up. We will provide a private YouTube link where videos of your dog’s training progress will be uploaded. 

Step 3
Schedule pick up

We will contact you prior to the start date to arrange a pick up time. Please have three weeks worth of food, any medications, as well as the remaining payment ready on the day of pick up. We will provide a private YouTube link where videos of your dog’s progress will be uploaded. 

Step 4
Training begins!

We will introduce gentle leash guidance along with treats and praise to teach behaviors: sit, down, heel, come, place, kennel. Once leash pressure is understood, we will incorporate low-level e collar stimulation (similar sensation to a tens unit). 

Week two brings increasing levels of distraction during lessons and the added expectation of duration in commands. Repetitions continue to fortify behaviors. 

Week three, your dog will begin to proficiently execute behaviors under high levels of distraction, both on and off leash.  

Check your dog’s YouTube playlist for regular video updates. Feel free to reach out anytime. 


Step 5
The take-home

Now it’s your turn to learn! The process is only complete with our expert coaching to ensure a smooth transition back home. Subsequent coaching sessions will take place in public, so that you and your dog are capable and confident in a variety of situations. 

Tell us about your dog!

Whether you have questions about our program or just want to tell us how we did, we want to hear it all. For years we’ve run our business on referrals and the support of the people we’ve been able to help build better relationships with their dogs. So reach out to us and let us know what you need. A member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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